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April 13, 2008


Tammy Gray

Great work, ladies! I am so glad that CI has gone green. It really matters.


great projects ladies! i love that CI has "gone green"!!

jen davis

Wow! This is so cool, love the projects too ladies! Good luck to everyone who enters into the contest as well!


Way to go on going green! Projects are very cute!!

Carlee Fiskateer #2225

I am so proud to use CI stuff especially knowing that you have "gone green"! Thank you!!!!


Every time I see a scrapbook company "going green" I let out a little WHOOP!! :) Yay, CI!!! Love you even more!!!!


I realized I didn't put my e-mail address with my post for this contest. I can figure out how to edit my photo to add it. LOL! Silly me!



I was wondering: I can't see in the rules whether or not this is an international contest, or US/Canada only?

Wendy Gibson

has the winner been announced for this? I have been searching and kind find that info.....thanks! :)


Hi! Has the winner for this contest been announced yet? Can't seem to find the information. Thanks.

Wendy Gibson

hello...anyone home?....lol.....still waiting to see who won this fun little contest :)

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