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January 29, 2008


Tammy Gray

This is the BEST news! Congrats to CI FOR BEING GREEN!!!!

Linda A.

Woo hoo! This is most excellent news!! Congrats, CI, for taking such a huge step in helping the environment!


All the more reason to buy CI papers :) Way to go!!

marah johnson

I am truly proud of all we have accomplished this year by going green...doing so has made me even more aware of my ability to do more at home. Together we can all make a difference.


love you for your earth friendly efforts! love you for your awesome product

Veronica Melton

WTG!!! That's awesome and I soooo hope others follow your lead!

Diane DiTullio

Congratulations CI for taking such an amazing step forward in helping the environment!

Meg Feroli

CI rocks!! Thank you for taking the extra steps you have taken, both for the community and for the planet!!

Michelle Gauthier

Fabulous news! Thank you for these fantastic environmentally friendly efforts! It's wonderful to see a leader in the industry do inspiring things like this.


That is AWESOME news! I've been doing a lot to conserve over the past several years. I recycle tiny pieces of scrap paper. I'm glad that you as a manufacturer are doing your part. I currently buy quite a bit of CI....but this information entices me to buy more! Thank you for caring!!!!

Mackey Stanley

Thank you for caring about the world in which we live! This is so important to me and my kids and, as if I needed another one, this will just gives me one more HUGE reason to purchase my papers from CI and your wonderfully talented designers!

Thank you Jack!!


What awesome news! Thank you!

Amy v

Another reason to love CI!

Kathy Griffith

These are great things that you are doing for environment. I have always wondered how scrapbooking papers affected the environment. Cutting of all those trees to make papers but I love the papers so I tried not to think too hard on it. Thanks for doing this.

kara stephenson

go green!! i am so happy to hear this!

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