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July 14, 2007


Shelly J

Looks cool! I hope a store close to me will try it out :)

Regan Tomlin

I hope so too.....SO I CAN TEACH AT IT!!!! Oh to open my own store....sigh. One can dream :)

Regan Tomlin

I hope so too.....SO I CAN TEACH AT IT!!!! Oh to open my own store....sigh. One can dream :)

Erin Bassett

Love the idea! Can't wait to see it IRL!!

Michelle M

Great Idea!


wow! this looks awesome. I hope retailers pick it up big time! That's my kind of happy hour. Cool idea, great design.


I'd love to see happy hour kits for customers. My GFs would love this!

Beverley Todd

I sooo want this for my store - here's hoping it's gonna be available for the UK

Dorothy Rhodes

How totally exciting!!!! I feel very inspired.

Michelle Gauthier

Fabulous! I can't wait to see this in person! I know my LSS is getting it! WOOHOO!


Where is today's update? :)


Hey, speaking of which where was YESTERDAY'S update?

C'mon....don't hold out on us...I can't stand the anticipation....I want to see the new Magic Meals collection!


Oh it would be awesome if some Aussie stores picked up the cafe too. I love the whole concept.


I really hope there's a store locater for this so I know where to go!

Margaret Henderson

I don't know if it is just me but i am having trouble reading the font under the different items. It gets really big after the first paragraph and it all starts blending together. I would really like to be able to read what you all have to say.


I can't read the writing it's all blended together. Hope they fix it..

rachel carlson

i saw this first-hand at cha this past weekend - brilliant! i was lucky enough to do danelle's happy hour make-n-take at windy city scrapbooking - these new goodies are superb! the buttons are my fav. creative cheers and happy weekend, rachel


This is such an awesome concept. You guys are geniuses!!!


Hi there. Could someone please email me. We would like to know about how to get Creative Cafe' here at a new store. Thanks a bunch.


WOAH!!!! How can we get this into my town?!?! We have NOTHING as nice as this!!!


Cannt wait, I hope it is in my town!! Very interesting!! Thanks


Looks like a lot of fun and I'd definitely be interested!


Is there a place to check to see what stores will be caring the creative cafe?


Absolutely AWESOME!!


My local store will have it!!! Pages In Time in Granger, IN!!

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